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The Affordable Housing & Infrastructure Bond Public Oversight Committee will review relevant financial and operational reports related to the expenditure of Affordable Housing & Infrastructure (I-BOND) proceeds and provide reports to the City Council when necessary and evaluate the impacts and outcomes of bond expenditures on the bond measure’s stated goals, including social equity, anti-displacement and affordable housing.

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The Alameda County-Oakland Community Action Partnership Administrating Board aims to improve our community by creating pathways that lead to economic empowerment and prosperity.

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Oakland's Bicyclist & Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC) was established on February 4, 2014 to advise the City Council on programs and projects related to walking and bicycling.

Budget Advisory Commission

The BAC advises the City Council on expenditures, revenues, and financial policies. The BAC’s advice generally takes the form of informational reports submitted to the Finance & Management Committee of the City Council.

Business Tax Board of Review

The Business Tax Board of Review reviews taxpayers appeals on assessments under the business license tax laws.

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We meet the first Thursday of the month.

Children's Fund Planning and Oversight Committee

Two Two Shirt Suit Two Two Kit Kit Suit Two Two Kit Two Shirt Shirt Suit Two Shirt Suit The Oakland Fund for Children & Youth Planning & Oversight Committee's (POC) mission is to develop services that embrace children and youth and work toward long-term social change.

Civil Service Board

The responsibilities of the Civil Service Board include enforcement of the Civil Service Rules; approval of the exemption of positions from the competitive service; approval of classification specifications and performing appellate duties

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Shirt Suit Shirt Two Shirt Suit Kit Shirt Suit Kit Two Two Two Two Suit Two Two Two Kit The board serves as advisors to the Chief of Police and police command staff on community policing matters, maintain communication between the Police Department and the neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils and Neighborhood Watch groups and Merchants Watch groups, assist in educating and informing the public about community policing, it current progress and its direction, and authorize Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils and mediate disputes

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The Cultural Affairs Commission is currently on hiatus

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