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Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson founded the Business Roundtable in 1993 so business leaders can engage county government on issues that will enable them to prosper.

Since its inception, more than 80 percent of the recommendations from Oakland County business leaders have been implemented by the county. 

Five Business Roundtable Committees are organized around specific focus ​areas within the county. These five Committees are dedicated to enriching the lives of county residents.


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Committee Information

The EconomiDolphins Shorts Nike 10 5 Dry XL 0 5" Fly Men's NFL c Development Committee makes recommendations to promote business, industry and commerce within the County. ​Dry 5 10 Nike Men's XL Shorts 5" Dolphins 0 Fly NFL

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Committee Recommendations for 2016

  • Establish a comprehensive talent development system
  • Establish Oakland County as a center for research, development and manufacturing of key electric power transmission and generation components
  • Develop a countywide marketing strategy to promote Oakland County's quality of life assets to the millennials and "silver tsunami" generations
  •  Partner with DTE to provide property to host solar generation systems

Economic Development Committee Video 

Details on these and other committees' recommendations can be found in the On End End Slim Linen Shirt 5ffUXwq.​​

The Quality of Life Committee focuses on intangible elements that make Oakland County a premier location for businesses and families. 
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Committee Recommendations for 2016

  • Create a comprehensive community outreach program which acknowledges and offers ideas and services to retain current residents in both the millennial and baby boomer generations
  • 5" 0 NFL Dry Fly 5 Nike XL Men's Dolphins 10 Shorts Document the county's excellence in amenities and objective measures that can be used to identify business opportunities and present them through the development capabilities of the Economic Development & Community Affairs department
  • Create a public festival which will offer a high level of exposure locally, and beyond, of the creative and financial potential of the 55+ demographic
  • Working with the leadership of the county's educational institutions and consultants, county staff and committee members should review what has been done to retain millennials and tap the enormous potential of this energetic and creative generation

Quality of Life Committee Video
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Details on these and other committees' recommendations can be found in the On End End Slim Linen Shirt 5ffUXwq.​​

Oakland Next was created to focus on the next generation of leaders in Oakland County.

Committee Recommendations for 2016

  • Create a branding campaign designed to highlight and retain the human capital so important to the county's future. Giving a voice to "Oakland's next _________" – the blank could include Oakland's next leader, change-maker, professional or volunteer.
  • Establish one point person charged with recording offers of goodwill, sponsorship, volunteer service, available county resources; and tasking members with relevant "asks" to cash-in on the offers of goodwill, sponsorship, volunteer service, available county resources.
  • Loop the Workforce Development group into the branding campaign to show that "Oakland's Next __________" has a job waiting for them in Oakland County.

Details on these and other committees' recommendations can be found in the Business Roundtable Annual Report.

The Transportation Committee examines transportation issues and identify actions Oakland County can resolve or mitigate them.

Committee Recommendations for 2016
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  • Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson should support the local Complete Streets initiatives. Oakland County in conjunction with the Road Commission should publicize best practices to make streets safer for all users regardless of mode, age or ability.     
  • Oakland County should actively promote the driver and pedestrian/bicyclist safety information programs. The county should host forums where these programs are presented  to county residents. Education for pedestrians and bicyclists should be woven into the work the county does with various trail groups.     

Transportation Committee Video
Details on these and other committees' recommendations can be found in the On End End Slim Linen Shirt 5ffUXwq.​​

The Workforce and Education Committee examines issues which concern current job holders, job seekers, new work force members, trainees and students.

Committee Recommendation for 2016

Examine the current talent pipeline

Enhance the talent pipeline by filling its gaps

Collaborate with educational institutions, economic and workforce development entities, employers and other relevant organizations to develop common agreements, practices and credentials so the pipeline can be easily accessed

Promote the talent pipeline through hard copy, social media and people-to-people gatherings

Workforce and Education Committee Video

Details on these and other committees' recommendations can be found in the On End End Slim Linen Shirt 5ffUXwq.​​

The Oakland County Business Roundtable provides advice to the County Executive on business, economic, and land development matters in order to ensure the preservation of the county's quality of life and economic vitality for the benefit of its citizens, communities and businesses.
The Roundtable was established in 1993 as a panel of 125 representatives of business, government and education. This advisory group was charged with creating programs that would enhance Oakland County's business climate and quality of life.
Over the years the Roundtable has crafted a range of strategies for moving the county forward. These include:
  •  Plans to increase funding for road needs
  •  Streamlined, simplified processes for business development
  •  Improved access to job training programs
Since its formation, the majority of suggestions submitted at the annual Business Roundtable meeting have been implemented. Governor Granholm replicated elements of the Roundtable on a statewide basis, using it as a model in forming the Governor's Council of Economic Advisors.​​

Frequently Asked Questions

The Oakland County Business Roundtable works with county government, but is not itself a part of the government system.

In 1993, L. Brooks Patterson created the Roundtable to make recommendations that would enhance Oakland County's business climate and quality of life.​​

The Business Roundtable provides recommendations to the county executive on business, economic development, education, land development, transportation and work force issues.  The group also works to implement these recommendations by suggesting programs to improve the County's quality of life and economic vitality.​

It normally works within four areas:  Economic Development, Quality of Life,  Transportation, and Workforce and Education.  The Roundtable believes that change and improvement in these areas will have the most impact on the county's growth and stability.​​

Business and commerce are the foundation of a healthy economy.  Oakland County's continued economic well-being and sustained quality of life depend upon a good business climate.  By involving the private sector in policy and program development, the county can more effectively develop services that encourage businesses to thrive.​

Oakland County residents benefit from the experience and knowledge of business leaders who volunteer on the Roundtable.  Valuable and time-saving county services such as Access Oakland, the One Stop Shop Information Center and consolidated Workforce Development programs all started as recommendations from the Business Roundtable.  It has also sponsored or co-sponsored a variety of educational programs within Oakland schools​.

Programs and activities of the Oakland County Business Roundtable are funded by grants, donations, and corporate sponsor partnerships.​​

The Oakland County Business Roundtable is made up of representatives from the business, government, and education communities in the County.​

Please contact the Oakland County Business Roundtable to find out about current opportunities for membership. or Matt Gibb 248-975-9636

The Roundtable does not hold public meetings.

​The Oakland County Business Roundtable occasionally issues statements of support for proposed or pending legislation at the state or local level.  Additionally, the Roundtable has lobbied for programs, services and budget allocations to benefit the county.  The Roundtable does not normally endorse candidates for office.​

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